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 Si Robertson Bio

si robertson bio

Si Robertson in Vivian, Louisiana on April 27, 1948.

He is hilarious and wacky uncle of Jase and Willie, and sidekick and best friend of his older brother Phil.

When he’s not napping on the job or out bustin’ beaver dams with his brother Phil, Si is the master reed maker for the family business.

There is never a dull moment when Si is around as he is always telling stories from his days in the Vietnam War, and others that stretch well upon “si-ence-fiction”.

You can always catch Si with a gallon of tea and his signature plastic green cup that his mother sent him while at war in Vietnam in the 1960′s.

Si played for his high school football team and was never able to graduate due to being drafted by the army during his senior year.  He worked for the United States army up until his retirement in 1993.

He has been married to his wife Christine Robertson for 43 years now and they have two children together; a daughter Trasa, and son Scott.

si robertson wife

The Best of Si Robertson

What’s your favorite story from Uncle Si?

I know, there are SO many to choose from, but feel free to pick any of your favorite stories and share them in a comment below!


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