Duck Dynasty Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: “John Luke After the Dentist”

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Duck Dynasty Season 4, Episode 6 Recap

john luke after dentist

This has to be one of the most hilarious episodes of them all, which happened to also score John Luke a viral video while making millions of fans everywhere laugh straight for half the episode.

See for yourself how funny John luke acts after waking up from having his wisdom teeth taken out, while still heavily under anesthesia.

He carried on about having “eagle powers”and hummed about “Bumblebee chapstik” as well as talking to his mom Korie about a “hungry fella”, all while rockin some “crazy eyes.”

The most shockingly hilarious part was when he responded to one of the dentist’s questions will “Bend over and I’ll show you.”

It’s a little hard to still see John Luke and shy after seeing this episode.

John Luke After Dentist

Sadie got her wisdom teeth taken out as well and had her funny moments as well. If you haven’t already seen the episode be sure to watch and see how her conversation with Willie after she woke up from surgery.
Si was only in the beginning part of the episode where he can be shown demonstrating how his travel gear works and how “a man can never have too many snacks.” He then left town for the birth of his new grandchild. Turns out Si has at least 7 grandchildren. This picture featured on Wikipedia shows that he has 7 and was posted before this episode. The grandchild was announced in this episode so we aren’t sure if that will still be 7 or make 8. 
Meanwhile at the warehouse, Jase discovers that the freezer full of the meat and fish they hunted went out a hot minute ago so the smell was ripe and “indescribable.” With a couple of pairs of gloves and a bit of gagging, Jep and Jase had to clean out the freezer and find a place to take the meat.To top the episode off Jep, Jase, and Phil drove around for hours hunting a new kind of game….a dumpster to legally throw the meat away in. It was hilarious watching them contemplate the ethics of throwing meat away in their church dumpster to a locked one at a mexican restaurant.

While Phil waited outside, Jase and Jep headed inside to ask a manager about dumping the meat but instead ended up in a happy, happy, happy fiesta of chips & salsa with a mariachi band.
Watch the full episode here.
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