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Jessica Robertson

jessica robertson

Jessica Robertson is the wife of the youngest Robertson son, Jep. The two started dating in February of 2001 when she was just 20 years old. They were married on October 7th of that same year.

Jep and Jessica have 4 children together: Lily, 10, Merritt, 8, Priscilla, 6, and River, 4.

Despite what some people may think from just watching the show, Jessica is actually a country girl at heart. In an interview featured on NewsObserver she talks about going hunting with her dad when she was younger, riding 4-wheelers, playing baseball, and climbing trees.


Jessica reports that she and Jep never had a real wedding. So when asked by a photographer to model the wedding veil (shown in the picture below) she was more than happy to do so.

Jep and Jessica have happily been together for 12 years now and will probably be together for the next 52 years at the very least! They are a true symbol of success in relationships and proof that it is possible to have a happy marriage. Check out the marriage tips that Jessica has to offer here.

jessica robertson

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